Machine Specifications:

  • This machine is very useful for those engage in manufacturing of potato wafer, Sali, Papita, gourd, carrot, coconut, potato lining wafer, cashew nut powder etc.
  • Body is stainless steel and CRC (Powder Coated).
  • Blade is special graded highly tempered steel resulting long life.
  • Parts and care has been taken and material used is aluminium taking in view to see that machine is hygienic and completely safe and harmless for food products in every respect.
  • Works with only 0.5 HP only either single or three phase electric motor and consumes approx. RS. 1.5 of power/hr.
  • This machine‚Äôs capacity is approx. 400 to 500 kg/hr. cashews nut & coconut powder approx. 100 to 150 kg. /hr.

Machine Capacity-1

  • 500kg. /hr.

Machine Capacity-2:

  • 1200kg. /hr.