Machine Specification:

  • This machine is specially designed for purpose of peeling upper layer garb of potato, papita and so this is very useful for those who are engaged in making potato wafers, namkin, dairy farm, caterers, hotels, restaurants, religion places etc.
  • This machine is specially prepared from stainless steel and aluminium metal.
  • Body is very strong and attractive
  • Available in different models & mechanisms i.e. direct couple and v-Belt drive mechanism with and without emery system.
  • Driven by 1 HP electric motor.
  • Fitted with lubricating system for smooth running. This system also increase life of machine and reduces cost of wear and tear.

Output Capacity-1:

  • Approx. 10 kg/batch.
  • Size: L-54 * W-54 * H-99 cm.

Output Capacity-2:

  • Approx. 35 kg/batch.
  • Size: L-54 * W-54 * H-99 cm.